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Driven by a culture of curiosity and collaboration.

Ideas are catalysts for change; the sparks that drive innovation.

Vichaar is annual initiative to empower every member of the firm to step up and lead the charge towards the future – encouraging them to Try, Experiment, Iterate, maybe Fail and Try Again.

This initiative celebrates creators, risk-takers and innovators, drawing upon the collective optimism, inspiration and opinions to solve a problem in a ‘safe to fail’ environment. At the same time, it also cultivates collaboration between stakeholders and employees at every level, aligning everyone’s efforts and ideas to find unique solutions for common issues or problems. Encompassing a wide range of areas – namely talent & culture, clients & practice, process improvement & cost saving – these ideas could be simple solutions for improving day-to-day challenges, development of revolutionary technologies or change in practices to drive efficiencies.

Under Vichaar, we take a two-step approach to innovation. The first is an annual event called the Innovation Week,
where teams and individuals are encouraged to develop ideas. These ideas are then submitted, the best of which are recognised and implemented by the ideators with the firm’s support.

The second step is where the Innovation Team assists lawyers and other members in implementing and leveraging these ideas to achieve the desired impact or outcome. To do this, the team follows a four-step process:

  1. Process mapping
  2. Drawing timelines
  3. Putting together the required resources
  4. Any other assistance needed to implement the idea

The first Innovation Week was held between December 10 and December 14, 2018 – attracting a staggering 160 ideas across levels, practices and locations.