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Covid-19: List Of Indian Government Notifications, Circulars And Orders

The coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

It is having a growing impact on the India as well as global economy. This CAM COVID – 19 Know How page intends to provide a list of government notifications, circulars and orders issued with reference to COVID 19. Should you have any queries please write to our Managing Partner, Mr. Cyril Shroff at cyril.shroff@cyrilshroff.com


General Corporate Practice

Guiding legal-tech start-ups as they shape the future of Indian law.

Prarambh is India’s first legal tech incubator launched by Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas in February 2019, with the aim of nurturing young entrepreneurs and developing bespoke legal technology solutions for the Indian legal market.

A collaborative effort between industry experts, start-ups, developers and more, Prarambh is firmly focussed on driving innovation and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship. In addition, as a well-rounded knowledge centre dedicated to developing legal service tools for the real world, it also provides a creative thinking space, mentorship as well as subject matter expertise. In fact, this initiative has considerably narrowed the legal-tech gap that existed prior to its launch. This was done by ensuring domestic talent is identified and given all the support they need to grow and transform the domain of Indian law through technological innovations.

Here is how it works. After a stringent selection process, every start-up that becomes part of the Prarambh ecosystem goes through a 12-stage programme that offers end-to-end solutions, from helping them set up, brand building to financial management planning, strategic planning, and networking. Everything to give them a competitive edge. Once a viable market offering is created that fills the need gap, these start-ups are provided exposure to investors, as well as any assistance they need to reach the largest audience possible.

Access to justice, dispute resolution, transaction efficiencies, legal research and law firm operations are some of the technology-led solutions that we have helped develop through Prarambh.

Prarambh Cohort 1 was launched on October 9, 2019 and the cohort period finished on April 30, 2020.  Prarambh Cohort 2 was conceptualized and launch to address one or more out of 6 areas of interest, namely access to justice, increasing transactional efficiencies, improving law firm operations, improving litigation competencies, accessing government programs and reforms and the remote workforce. Any applicant would need to be the “Ready to scale” stage. There were the 24 applications received – all of them were put thorough a rigorous multi-stage evaluation, which included detailed discussions and pitching sessions to specialists; and finally the 3 start-ups were chosen. The winners of Prarambh Cohort 2 are ConductPresolv360, and PropertyChek. These startups are working on a diverse range of impactful products, which can have a lasting impact of the Indian legal fraternity.

Conduct is a start-up specialized in cultural compliance using data; Presolv360 on online cloud based Online Dispute Resolution, while PropertyChek is a SaaS platform for title due diligence and registration. Further details about the 3 startups is provided below.

For the press release: click here

Driven by a culture of curiosity and collaboration.

Ideas are catalysts for change; the sparks that drive innovation.

Vichaar is annual initiative to empower every member of the firm to step up and lead the charge towards the future – encouraging them to Try, Experiment, Iterate, maybe Fail and Try Again.

This initiative celebrates creators, risk-takers and innovators, drawing upon the collective optimism, inspiration and opinions to solve a problem in a ‘safe to fail’ environment. At the same time, it also cultivates collaboration between stakeholders and employees at every level, aligning everyone’s efforts and ideas to find unique solutions for common issues or problems. Encompassing a wide range of areas – namely talent & culture, clients & practice, process improvement & cost saving – these ideas could be simple solutions for improving day-to-day challenges, development of revolutionary technologies or change in practices to drive efficiencies.

Under Vichaar, we take a two-step approach to innovation. The first is an annual event called the Innovation Week,
where teams and individuals are encouraged to develop ideas. These ideas are then submitted, the best of which are recognised and implemented by the ideators with the firm’s support.

The second step is where the Innovation Team assists lawyers and other members in implementing and leveraging these ideas to achieve the desired impact or outcome. To do this, the team follows a four-step process:

  1. Process mapping
  2. Drawing timelines
  3. Putting together the required resources
  4. Any other assistance needed to implement the idea

The first Innovation Week was held between December 10 and December 14, 2018 – attracting a staggering 160 ideas across levels, practices and locations.

A pioneering initiative for learning and development of legal and business professionals

cam Gurukul is a market-leading learning and development initiative that offers access to the Firm’s highly-regarded legal intelligence and know-how for the upskilling of the Indian legal and business community. Through this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to the purpose of shaping the finest lawyers for a just world.

What sets Gurukul apart is its unique blended learning model which encompasses both online and offline learning across different levels. This means it is more than just classroom learning. It also involves seminars and sessions with industry leaders as well as knowledge sharing between various industry experts. This creates a learning model that is not just in-depth, but also conversational and engaging.

Those desirous of undergoing training at cam Gurukul can opt for a series of collaborative technical programs targeted at various sectors and levels of experience. These can be categorised under three distinct offerings:

  1. Paathshala – Aimed at junior managers and in-house lawyers
  2. Vidyapeeth – Aimed at mid-level in-house lawyers and business professionals
  3. Vichar-Sammelan – Aimed at senior client representatives

We strive for a more efficient legal system through continuous engagement and knowledge-sharing with the larger Indian legal and business community

Leveraging tomorrow’s technology to ensure results today

cam has always looked forward towards the future, with innovation central to our process. That’s why our Innovation Team plays a crucial role in all functional aspects as we leverage the latest technologies to provide efficient and effective solutions to our clients. What’s more, we are constantly raising the bar in various areas of technology and innovation, maintaining our superiority in the field of legal tech.

And at the core of our drive for innovation is our Advanced Delivery system, which is designed to transform the way legal services are offered and delivered to our clients – effectively and efficiently. This system allows us to seamlessly combine our technological prowess with our unmatched expertise to offer services that are optimised to not just meet but exceed our client needs and requirements.

It is this appetite for innovation and a passion to lead the charge towards tomorrow that has made us the first Indian law firm to deploy artificial intelligence. We have also applied innovation in the delivery of several other unique solutions.

eDiscovery and litigation services: eDiscovery technology and processes allow quick analysis of a high volume of documents, providing our lawyers end-to-end case and evidence management that is optimal and efficient.

Legal Research: The Legal Research tool serves as a litigation strategy tool in itself that automatically analyses a client brief, compiles a list of highly-relevant case law and suggests any potential alternative arguments or omissions. Our practice groups then use the tool to identify frequently cited cases and perform intelligent judgment searches.

Intellectual Property Research: The Intellectual Property Research tool focuses on TM Search, TM Watch and TM Management, making it a holistic solution for our in-house use. In addition, our IP team also maintains an intelligent dashboard that enables them to track and watch each TM, monitoring status, upcoming hearings and more.

Document Automation: Document automation enables high-quality drafting of various standard and complex documents, providing standardisation and enhancing consistency – both of which are key to our service delivery standards.

Due Diligence Review: The Due Diligence Review tool is an AI-based contract review software that allows us to offer our clients a host of services with speed and accuracy. This is done by a tool combining the efficiency and effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, making us the first Indian law firm to do so.

Covid-19: List Of Indian Government Notifications, Circulars And Orders

The coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

It is having a growing impact on the India as well as global economy. This CAM COVID – 19 Know How page intends to provide a list of government notifications, circulars and orders issued with reference to COVID 19. Should you have any queries please write to our Managing Partner, Mr. Cyril Shroff at cyril.shroff@cyrilshroff.com

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Welcome to Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Blogs

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We have created these blogs as part of our thought leadership initiative and to share key Indian legal developments and updates in an effective and user-friendly manner.

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YouTube video
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The Thought League Season 2: Harnessing Private Capital with Market Experts (Episode 9)

Watch our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff, Former Banker & PE Investor Sanjay Nayar and CNBC-TV18 Editor- M&A Nisha Poddar, in a discussion on financing our way to Amrit Kaal in the 9th episode of Season 2 of The Thought League.

23rd February 2022
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The Thought League Season 2: Discussing The Key Global Trends In Competition Law (Episode 8)

Watch our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff; Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, Partner, Christine A. Varney and CNBC-TV18, Editor- M&A, Nisha Poddar in a discussion on trends in competition law in the 8th episode of Season 2 of the Thought League.

4th February 2022

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  • Adjudicating Authority can proceed with the adjudication even pursuant to setting aside of the order of provisional attachment

    Adjudicating Authority can proceed with the adjudication even pursuant to setting aside of the order of provisional attachment

    In the last decade, the ever-evolving jurisprudence surrounding the anti-money laundering laws in India has developed into a complex web of statutory amendments and judicial precedents often woven through the doctrine of stare decisis. By Partner Kapil Arora and Director Juvraj Singh Bindra. (Photo Credit: Economic Times)  

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  • CAM Chief Innovation Officer and Dispute Resolution Partner Reveal What Prarambh Has Taught Them

    CAM Chief Innovation Officer and Dispute Resolution Partner Reveal What Prarambh Has Taught Them

    We envisioned it to be the catalyst for the Legal Tech landscape in India and it truly has been. The purpose of Prarambh as we truly believe in is to transform the Legal Tech landscape in India and provide a global platform to the domestic talent. By Chief Innovation Officer Komal Gupta and Partner Shalaka Patil. (Photo Credit: BW Legal World)

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Global Trends in Private M&A

Global Trends in Private M&A



This guest post is by Jaya GuptaHead of India Desk, Corporate at Allen & Overy LLP

In 2019, global M&A activity switched down a gear although it was still the third-strongest year in a decade in terms of value and transaction volume.

With macroeconomic issues such as continuing trade wars between the US and China, tensions in the Middle East and, to some extent, Brexit, impacting cross-border activities, many investors resorted to strategic domestic megadeals.

At Allen & Overy, we regularly identify the trends that we are seeing on our deals. Over the past eight years, for example, we have analysed more than 1,250 private M&A deals that we have acted on globally to discern trends relating to deal dynamics, execution risks and share purchase agreement terms. Some of the trends that we saw in 2019 are highlighted in this article. Read more.

Auction activity and competition starting to cool

We saw fewer auctions in 2019 (less than half of our M&A processes were conducted in this way) and less fierce competition between bidders – perhaps an early indication that the overheated private M&A market may be starting to cool. Auctions which were highly competitive usually involved ‘hot’ assets such as data- rich businesses, ‘green’ assets, digital solutions and health products.

Regionally, we saw higher levels of auction activity and competition in North America compared to elsewhere – 86% of our North America deals were auctions and 83% of those were highly competitive throughout. Next in the running order was the UK, where just over half of our transactions were auctions and 62% of those processes were highly competitive.

In Western Europe, CEE and MENA and Australasia, 50% or less of our deals were auctions and less than 40% of those were highly competitive. In Asia, we saw relatively few auctions in 2019 but three-quarters of those were competitive throughout.

Private equity waiting for price expectations to align

With private M&A valuations at a high last year and the economic outlook uncertain, private equity investors appeared to be more cautious about doing deals in the expectation of a market price adjustment in the first few months of 2020.

For some PE houses, acquiring a minority investment has become an alternative strategy given the need to deploy capital in the face of high prices to control the asset.

We also saw some funds looking to reacquire a business that they previously owned having the advantage of already knowing the asset and their relationship with management giving them a head start in the auction process.

A more general trend has been for PE funds to focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues both when carrying out due diligence and, more broadly, when managing their portfolio.

PE sellers seemed happy to test the market but had no hesitation in pulling an auction if a stand-out bid did not materialise, often coming to the view that they could create more value by holding onto the business for the time being.

With public market multiples lower than those in the private M&A market, IPOs did not represent an attractive exit route for PE investors last year. On the other hand, public to private deals were a popular way to deploy unspent funds.

Our Firm

At Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (cam), foresight, expertise and innovation are at the core of everything we do.

With six pan-India locations and 750 lawyers, we are India’s largest full-service law firm, staying ahead of the curve with our ability to provide future-focussed, end-to-end solutions, through both domestic and international collaborations.

Our highly experienced teams advice a large and diverse set of clients, including domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, financial institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, start-ups, government and regulatory bodies. Our generalists, specialists and senior ex-regulators expertly guide clients across a spectrum of transactions, sectors and regulations.

What sets us apart is how we leverage technology across practices. We are the first Indian law firm to adopt AI technology to drive delivery. This in turn has allowed us to identify challenges and explore relevant solutions with increasing efficiency. Hence, by combining innovative thinking and legal technology, we are able to consistently deliver solutions that set precedents in today’s complex market paradigm.

At cam, we push boundaries to keep you ahead of the curve!

diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud of our people and our principles, and as an equal opportunity employer, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards gender biases and religious discrimination. This is promoted by ensuring diversity and inclusivity in every department across cam. At cam, people can be themselves, regardless of their age, gender, race, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

ahead of curve

Ahead of the Curve

Central to our culture, is our Ahead of the Curve mindset. Foresight and innovation lie at the foundation of everything we do, to keep our clients ahead of their legal and business challenges. We have been at the forefront of innovation in the Indian legal market, often breaking new ground. By looking ahead and extensively collaborating, we anticipate challenges and push ourselves to deliver complex, practical solutions for our clients.


Values and Purpose

Our Core Values are the 3 C’s – Character, Competence, Commitment.They drive the culture at cam and serve as our foundation to become trusted advisors to our clients.

We have been consistently recognised for our uncompromising commitment to delivering excellence for our clients.

IBLJ Deal of the Year 2021

  • Tata’s acquisition of Air India
  • Piramals Acquisition of insolvent DHFL
  • Blackstone’s USD 1 billion acquisition of Piramal Glass
  • Acquisition of Embassy Industrial Parks by Blackstone Group
  • Renew Power’s USD 8 billion SPAC
  • Flipkart’s USD 3.6 bn funding
  • Brookfield Asset Management’s USD 2.1 billion acquisition of real estate assets from RMZ Group
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group’s acquisition of 74.9% stake in Fullerton India Credit, and subsidiary, for about USD 2 billion from Fullerton Financial Holdings
  • JSW’s USD 1 bn bond issuance
  • DIAL’s USD 450 m green bond
  • Nykaa’s IPO
  • Zomato’s IPO
  • PayTM’s IPO
  • Macrotech’s IPO
  • UltraTech’s benchmark sustainability bond
  • IL&FS’s 49% stake sale in its Chinese road asset
  • Dighi Ports insolvency resolution
  • Deccan Chronicle Holdings dispute with the Board of Control for Cricket in India over the 2012 termination of its franchise agreement

Read all the news coverage of our expert lawyers’ views on current issues and trends.


CAM Singapore

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (CAM) announced the opening of its new foreign law practice in Singapore (CAM Singapore) on December 10, 2021. CAM Singapore operates as a licensed foreign law practice offering Indian law expertise including International Arbitration. It focuses on delivering legal services across various practice areas.

Singapore is one the leading business hubs in the world and enjoys a key role as a gateway to India. It has also consolidated its position as the favoured regional HQ jurisdiction in Asia. CAM aims to assist companies in Singapore and the region in navigating through the Indian legal and regulatory framework.

Committed to shaping the finest lawyers for a just world. Why work with cam

cam is India’s Leading Law Firm with a global reputation of being trusted advisors to our clients. As a full-service law firm, we advise a large and diverse set of clients such as domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, financial institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, start-ups, government, and regulatory bodies. 

At cam, our identity is our Ahead of the Curve mindset defined by our relentless curiosity and inventiveness. Our ambition, culture of collaboration and inclusivity keeps us constantly on the move. 

With our global reputation and ties with international law firms, we work diligently to maintain a global outlook with local depth.

Aligned with the Future of Work, we are forging new paths with Talent cam

With diversity as a central pillar of our organization, we recognize that “no one size fits all” and therefore enable an environment that sets our talent up for optimal productivity and success. Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is the only law firm in India with a permanent dynamic working policy which allows teams to work in a combination of onsite (WFO) and offsite (WFH/WFA) that is focused on enhancing talent and client experience.

We have 5 models under our Dynamic Working Policy. The first is the traditional WFO model. The second is a Hybrid Work Model which is a combination of WFH and WFO subject to team and client requirements. The third option is a Short Term WFA Model, for up to 6 months, which is available to our talent in case of personal need. The fourth is a permanent WFA Model for talent in remote locations (i.e. where we don’t have an office). The fifth option is introducing in India, a ‘Flexi Lawyer’ Model, of short-term arrangements with lawyers based on client and firm need for expertise from time to time. With this bespoke policy, we continue to nurture and protect our diverse talent and also caters to millennial expectations.

For inquiries, please fill in the form below and one of our experts will revert shortly.

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